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Paddling Ross Lake

In what is becoming a tradition of posting to this blog but once a year, I’m back again with some video shot on a recent outdoor adventure – this time it was a canoe & kayak trip up Diablo and Ross Lakes in the Ross Lake National Recreation Area, in northern Washington.

The area is a bit remote and takes some work to get to, but is extremely beautiful and is absolutely worth the effort.

YouTube Preview Image
3 Aug 2014

More whizbang moving pictures!

It’s been some time since I added new content, and while I have been shooting new photos in my absence, I’m instead going to post some videos. Why? It’s an enigma, that’s why!

While snowshoeing this winter, I lost the camera which I previously used to shoot video, so it’s likely there will be less of these in the future.. unless I start (and become very good at) drawing cell animations, which I don’t foresee happening.

YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image
11 Jun 2013

Pimpin’ ain’t easy

I recently gave a talk at my local REI store, focusing on my background and some of the places I’ve traveled & photographed. In preparation for it, I put together the video below – I think it turned out pretty well. Check it out!


YouTube Preview Image
12 Sep 2012

Ramsey Cascades, Smoky Mountains National Park

For a while now I’ve been editing together a lengthy movie featuring many of the sights seen on my road trip last year. This is a small portion of it, showing some of the hike to Ramsey Cascades, one of (if not) the tallest falls in Smoky Mountains National Park. It’s a popular hike, but also one on which many novice hikers turn back – it’s a bit taxing, ascending almost 2,400 feet in four miles. The destination is quite worth the effort, though the views seen on the journey there are pretty good, too. I’ve hiked it twice, both times in the fall, and the colors are great if you catch them at the right time.

YouTube Preview Image
18 Jul 2012

Oyster Dome, Blanchard Mountain

I’ve been doing a fair amount of trail hiking since I relocated to Washington. As spring progressed this year I grew anxious to get back outside, but snow still covers trails which lead to higher elevations. In the mean time, as you can see, trips out to lower altitudes still make for some relaxing trips, showcasing the sights & smells around Puget Sound.

YouTube Preview Image
25 Jun 2012

This Must Be The Place #3: Prime


Every frame could be a photograph.

19 Mar 2012

At long last, back on the road

In 2011 an opportunity arose for me to make a long-overdue road trip, to see & explore places around the United States that I had long wanted to visit. I set my sights on visiting New England, the Blue Ridge Parkway, and the Smoky Mountains, all while they should be exhibiting their full fall colors. After that, I would make my way west to visit some parks & sights of the Colorado Plateau in Utah – Bryce, Zion, Canyonlands, and others.

I spent much of the summer planning & preparing, gearing up and taking hiking day trips into the western edges of the North Cascades, to condition my legs for long hikes ahead. After a few months, and a few hundred miles on my new boots, I set out in my car, heading east. Having logged more than 12,000 miles on the road – and hiking more than 170 – I returned 42 days later.

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26 Feb 2012

Inside your DSLR

I was always a bit miffed with what I thought to be a slow shutter speed for my camera, and to find out that camera bodies often have a finite number of images they can snap before it is time to upgrade to a new one. Then I saw this.

YouTube Preview Image

Ask any mechanism to perform a quick, complex action many, many thousands of times, and of course it will deteriorate over time.

20 Feb 2012

Out with the old, in with the new

When a website’s host suggest users backup their databases previous to moving servers, it’s a good idea to heed that advice. As a result of not following said advice, the previous version of this site & blog went kaput a while back, and remained offline for some time.

What you see before you is the result of rebuilding it from scratch tailoring a theme to my tastes, adding scores of new work, and presenting it much larger & simpler than I had before. It took far too much time, perfectionist that I am, but I’m much happier with this incarnation than I was with the last.

Thank you for stopping by. I hope you see some work that you enjoy.

23 Jan 2012